When I first heard about the legend of Korra I was all excited because it’ll be a female avatar and I heard her go to elementals fire and it was supposed take Place when she’s a teenager. So right away I was interested, the I found out about mako and bolin. LOVE everything about the brother duo. As the series begun I was exited that korra was such a badass. Then when asami appear and started to do more stunts and no get beat up like korra I found myself quickly switching sides. I was behind asami 100% she loved fast cars and she wasn’t a bender. She was cool and collective. Then her and mako started to date. At first I was a korra mako fan, until they started to fight n disagree on everything. That is when I realized to hotheaded characters should not be in a relationship such as romance. I was completely upset when the writers decided to let Mako cheat on Asami with korra. Even more pissed that in the second season after mako treated her so BADLY she wanted him back. Don’t get me wrong she literally had every things stolen from her even from her so called friend korra. My hope for asami in the show is for the writer to give her more character development. And if they are to keep mako and asami together he should apologize for all the wrong he did to both girls. I also wanna see korra grow up and not be a brat and her dating a non bender